CZ .22LR Rifle

For several years now, CZ has manufactured a beech wood stocked version of the Turkish walnut stocked 24.8″ barreled Lux model. It has been issued with various handles. Mine has “Special” printed on the box. A friend’s was labeled “Trainer” and another new shooter at my club recently bought one and his box was marked “Standard”. Whatever the name, they are fine rifles that sell for less than $300. For scopeing, I would suggest the Warne Model 2.3 tip-off rings. It has reversible jaws which work with U.S. 3/8ths inch tip-off grooves or European 11mm tip-off grooves (Special has 11mm grooves). Here is a pick of mine.

CZ .22 Rifle

I have owned it for seven years and it has cycled through at least 10,000 rounds without any problems. It will shoot under a half inch at 50 yards with good glass and CCI Std Velocity, SK Std Plus or Wolf MT ammo. It also has superb open sights. I think they are the best open sights provided on any currently manufactured rifle in the world.

If you are willing to spring for a few more dollars and want a rifle better stocked for scope shooting, then get a CZ American. I own two of them one has a Brookes trigger kit on it (15ozs) and I use it for shooting in our local silhouette matches one of which is a 100 yard prone match that allows bi-pods. The other one has the stock factory trigger adjusted to its lightest setting (3 lbs 2 ozs) and I use it for CMP Sporter Match competition (3 lb trigger required by rules).

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